The Case for Mars : Robert Zubrin : Background

In the March 2006 issue of NASA Tech Briefs (Vol.30 No.3) an article about the METAMARS project was listed, written by Anthony Muscatello, Robert Zubrin, and Mark Berggren.

  • Muscatello, Anthony C., Robert Zubrin, and Mark Berggren. “Generating Aromatics From CO2 on Mars or Natural Gas on Earth.” NASA Tech Briefs Mar. 2006: Vol.30 No.3: 52
March 2006 Business 2.0 Case study for “The Startup”

In the March 2006 issue of Business 2.0 Pioneer Astronautics was listed as a case study for “The Startup” in propulsion sciences. Michael Behar, has case studies listed for:

  • ‘Corporate Strategy’/’Space Networking’ :: Cisco Systems
    • Headquarters:San Jose; Employees:39,262; 2005 Revenues:$24.8 billion
  • R&D/Life Sciences :: Dynamac
    • Headquarters:Rockville, MD; Employees:300; 2005 Revenues:$35million
  • The Startup/Propulsion :: Pioneer Astronautics
    • Headquarters:Lakewood, CO; Employees:13; 2005 Revenues:$1 million

Michael Behar, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Galaxy. Business 2.0 Mar. 2006: 70